Trapseed is a thoughtful clothing brand from Boston influenced by the designer Youssef Abouganba’s Egyptian heritage. When I first learned of Trapseed I immediately noticed the high level of quality in the stitching, printing, and materials, elements that truly elevate the clothing above the waves of streetwear Instagram brands that make sloppily screen printed t-shirts. The more I spoke with Youssef the more I came to understand the intention behind Trapseed, and the references that inform his work. I sat down with Youssef to discuss the origins of Trapseed, the aesthetics that inform his designs, and his emphasis on quality and integrity. We barely scratched the surface, and I encourage all of you to look into Trapseed and Youssef’s work further. Come into Expired to pick up some of it for yourself before it’s gone.

-Ian Gordon

Cover Photo: Courtesy of IG @bankrollonmywaist

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